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Abalone Shell, the perfect addition to your smudging ritual. This beautiful natural shell is harvested from the coastal waters and is known for its stunning iridescent colors and intricate patterns. The inside of the shell has a pearlescent finish, making it a visually striking tool for your spiritual practice.


This medium-sized Abalone shell is the perfect size for holding smudging herbs, such as sage, or for burning sweetgrass braids. The natural shape of the shell allows for the smoke to flow out beautifully, making it an ideal tool for creating a sacred space. The Abalone shell is also believed to have healing properties, making it a great tool for clearing negative energy and promoting a positive and peaceful environment.


In addition to its practical use, this Abalone shell is also a beautiful decorative piece that can be displayed in your home or sacred space. It's a perfect gift for anyone interested in spirituality, meditation, or natural home decor.

Abalone Shell


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